10 March 2018  |  Media Releases

New 120 bed hotel in planning for Brothers Sports Club Bundaberg

A new 120 bed motel could be in the works for Bundaberg thanks to an agreement signed between the new owner of the Brothers...
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10 March 2018  |  Investments

Stronghold Hospitality Property Trust No 14 – Fully Subscribed

Queensland based funds manager, Stronghold Investments,  opened its first regional investment fund on Wednesday 7th March, 2018 to raise $7.5million in equity for the...
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8 March 2018  |  Advisory

Beyond institutional investment

The pros and cons of investing in unlisted commercial property funds In the modern world of finance, safety is an illusion. The royal commission...
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13 November 2017  |  News

Investors embrace sharing economy for slice of the property pie

Ride-sharing company Uber and accommodation provider Airbnb aren’t the only ways everyday Australians can profit from the booming sharing economy. Wholesale investment property trusts...
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