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SPPF Stronghold Precincts Property Fund

Multi-asset open-ended wholesale fund


19 Stronghold Northshore Property Trust No 19

385 & 389 MacArthur Ave, Hamilton


Stronghold is a boutique, Brisbane based, commercial property investment manager. We’ve been helping our clients optimise their commercial property investment goals since 2013.

Our team of property professionals provide access to a suite of complimentary services, which are built around a core investment philosophy and focused by our specialisation in business precincts. Since our inception in 2013 we have successfully created 15 investment trusts and currently have over $250m in assets under management.
Featuring Bruce Anderson | Director and Head of Funds Management for Stronghold

At Stronghold, we believe in fostering long-term profitable relationships.

Stronghold is the Investment Management arm of the Graystone Group, an end-to-end property company that not only develops real estate in its own capacity, but also provides Construction, Development Management, Property Management and Investment Management services.

With this breadth of in-house knowledge across the Group we believe we are better equipped than most at identifying and managing risk specific to our specialised sectors.
Our ability to anticipate and manage risk is fundamental to delivering consistent and sustainable distributions to our investors.

Stronghold’s investment strategies look to add value at each stage of the investment life cycle.

The breadth of knowledge and capabilities across the Group ensures that all key investment decisions are considered in their entirety.

Our leadership group brings over 60 years of property expertise, including specialisation in business precinct developments and industrial projects. This market knowledge, and our robust relationships with key builder partners, ensures we invest in assets that meet our rigorous standards for long-term value creation.
Our acquisition team has a proven track record of successfully sourcing and acquiring high-quality properties at attractive valuations, enhancing our portfolio and delivering investment objectives. Our unique pipeline of opportunities includes off-market assets, strategically sourced through the Graystone Group.
A close relationship with our sister company Milestone grants access to the latest asset management best practice, and gives our properties the best chance of consistent returns through hands-on cost minimisation, high occupancy rates and tenant retention.
Stronghold’s intent is always to unlock additional value in ways which go beyond traditional strategies. We do this by identifying forward-thinking improvements and opportunities, which actively consider innovation, practical technologies, access and connectedness.​

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