15 March 2019  |  Market Updates

The new frontier for commercial property investment

Melbourne Growth Corridors are becoming hot spots for commercial property investment thanks to strong population growth, government planning and low vacancy rates. Australian Bureau...
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20 March 2018  |  Advisory

Investment company poised to take advantage of demand for 21st century accommodation

Investment opportunities for new hotel developments in suburban and regional areas is set to increase with hotel operators on the move in southern states...
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16 October 2017  |  Market Updates

Suburban Business Boom

A suburban business boom is coming and savvy commercial property investors are already seeing the dividends. A Suburban Business Centre Review commissioned by a...
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5 July 2017  |  Market Updates

Melbourne’s office leasing market a prime opportunity for investors

A surge in interest from government and community sectors who are seeking upgrades to better quality buildings with modern features within Melbourne’s office leasing...
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