10 August 2017  |  News

Why Stronghold? The 7 ways we’re different from other property fund managers.

What makes a Stronghold property investment different to the others? Just ask former institutional banker, property economist and Stronghold Director Tony Boyd and you’re...
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21 July 2017  |  Advisory

Why make the switch from term deposits to commercial property funds?

Stronghold Investments recently caught up with Chartered Accountant Darren Smith to find out what motivated him to move his cash into unlisted commercial property...
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5 July 2017  |  Market Updates

Melbourne’s office leasing market a prime opportunity for investors

A surge in interest from government and community sectors who are seeking upgrades to better quality buildings with modern features within Melbourne’s office leasing...
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29 June 2017  |  Investments

Stronghold launch Melbourne Commercial Property Fund

Brisbane based Stronghold Investment Services has launched its first bid to enter the Melbourne commercial property market this week, opening a trust for the...
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