15 March 2019  |  Media Releases

Subscriptions open for hospitality trust in Melbourne growth corridor

Specialist Suburban Office and Hospitality Fund Manager, Stronghold Investment Services has opened subscriptions for a single asset, fixed term, wholesale managed investment to purchase...
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27 February 2019  |  Media Releases

Uncertainty driving investor interest in wholesale property trusts

Stronghold Investor Market Update: What you need to know about wholesale property trusts as an alternative to shares and residential property investment. Based on...
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17 April 2018  |  Media Releases

Hospitality trust for Brothers Sports Club Bundaberg oversubscribed

Wholesale investors have been quick to take up units in the first regional and second Stronghold Hospitality trust, with the offer oversubscribed less than...
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10 March 2018  |  Media Releases

New 120 bed hotel in planning for Brothers Sports Club Bundaberg

A new 120 bed motel could be in the works for Bundaberg thanks to an agreement signed between the new owner of the Brothers...
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