Unlisted property funds have recorded strong returns again this year, providing a 13.7% return over 12 months to 30 June, according to data from Zenith Investment Partners, MSCI, The Property Funds Association and the Property Council of Australia.

The data released in June 2019 by the Property Funds Association, also shows unlisted property trusts now have a five year annualised return of 22%.

What is an Unlisted Property Trust?

An Unlisted Property Trust is a fund in which a Trust structure has been created to act as the legal owner of a property on behalf of its investors. The fund manager makes decisions on behalf of investors who, like a listed property or management fund, purchase ‘units’ in the Trust. Unlike a listed property fund, units in unlisted property trusts are not as ‘liquid’ but can be sold to other investors. There is no established secondary market for unlisted property trust units.

Current opportunities


Stronghold  Wholesale Commercial Property Funds

Delivering 7-12% per annum payable every two months

Commercial property investment has traditionally been the exclusive domain of high-net worth, commercial and institutional investors.

But you can now you can diversify your property investment portfolio with commercial property, thanks to boutique investment manager, Stronghold.

Stronghold offer wholesale investors a slice of commercial property assets through unlisted commercial property funds.

The company invests in suburban office precincts, hospitality and accommodation assets with outstanding locations, secure tenancies and relatively high rates of return.

Strongholdmanage or jointly manage in excess of $200 million in quality assets in Queensland, Victoria and New South Wales; consistently achieving cash returns for investors ranging between 7% and 9.75% per annum*.

The main features of Stronghold Wholesale property trusts include:

  • Open or fixed-term funds
  • Distributions paid every 2 months
  • Potential for capital growth and rental growth over the medium to long term
  • High quality, life-cycle assets

Stronghold is pleased to announce two exclusive opportunities to access commercial property investments.

Stronghold Hospitality PropertyTrust #15 

– New 13 year lease

– Strong growth location

– Tenant established In 1878

– Now paying 7.5% p.a.

– Limited units available


Stronghold Precincts Property Fund (SPPF)

–  Investment into a multi asset portfolio of seed assets with ongoing strategic acquisitions adding further diversification

–  Sustainable monthly income stream

–  Long term capital protection vehicle via multi-asset open-ended wholesale fund

–  Quarterly liquidity events

–  Industry recognised independent Investment Committee

–  Targeting strategic locations across SEQ for expansion of the portfolio.